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Biofield Therapies: Hypothesis, Physics, And Physiology

 Jun 6, 2022
Biofield Therapies

The term biofield was first proposed by a committee of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) researchers and practitioners convened by the Office of Alternative Medicine at the US National Institutes of Health in 1992. Biofield was defined by the committee as a mass-less field, that permeates and surrounds the living body and it is not necessarily electromagnetic in nature. Biofield is an extremely weak electromagnetic field of the individuals, which maybe involved in electromagnetic bio-information for homeodynamics regulation. There are so many specific biofield therapies available, including Healing touch, Therapeutic touch, Polarity therapy, Qigong, Reiki and more. Biofield therapies exhibit safety and hope in lowering anxiety, improving mood, and helping in mental health and wellness. Biofield therapies such as Healing Touch or Reiki improve relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety and improve the mood of the person (Dr. Rubik).


Physics: The biofield and the associated information which is stemming from the electrical activity of multi-cellular signals is the original basis of clinical tools which are now a days being used in multiple applications. Such as the most commonly used ECG (which detects electrical wave forms which are generated by heart muscle cells' synchronous activity) and EEG (which detects the wave forms generated by neuronal arrays' electrical activity). While the Electro cardiogram being used to detect (from the surface of the body) the heart's magnetic field, which is generated by moving electric charges and associated with electrical signals, can also be recorded via a magneto-cardiogram even from several feet from the body. The Magnetic field or the type of Biofield which is produced by the heart seems to carry valuable information that can be detectable even by other animals or people. Bio-effectiveness or the informational potential of these heart fields is cardiac-induced entrainment (also called frequency locking) which is detected when one person's R-waves (ECG) turn exactly synchronized with the other person's alpha waves (EEG) and both are five feet far from each other (Dr. Shamini).


Physiology: Coherent electromagnetic forces maybe the coordinating agent of cellular processes. These processes indicate that the bio-photon source is not related to biochemical. It is also possible that these feeble photon fields are related to processes which are biochemical, but they maybe directing the whole cellular physiology. Biofield interactions might be responsible for organizing the biological regulation processes and cellular micro-tubular networks. Endogenous electromagnetic forces within the region of micro-tubular cyto-skeleton are responsible for:

1. Interactions between the phosphorylation status and ion channel activity of the binding molecules such as CaMKII and MAP2, which can act as modulator of cyto-skeletal structure and connectivity.

2. Chromosome packing in the process of mitotic phase of the cell-cycle

3. Regulating mitosis and meiosis dynamics.

The quantum and classical information processing in micro-tubules. support these experimental data and hypothesis. On the other hand, the coherent photon field could be one of the dominant factors in cellular physiology (Dr. Kafatos and Dr. Theise).

The evidence for the biofield research and experiments indicates the need for more explanations to go further on conventional and classical biology and physics. Therefore, someone needs the consideration of coherent processes and holistic approaches. Biofields may be carried by electro magnetic fields (EMFs), quantum-like processes, and other basic coherent states. Further research is needed on the biofield's physical origin and how it associates to a structured understanding of living universe and consciousness.