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Neuro-therapy And Neuro-behavioral Treatment

 Jul 26, 2022
neuro therapy


Novel Technology has emerged and helped the medical industry to improve the health care system and treat conditions with extraordinary success. Neuro-therapy is a technology to read brain activity and help people with certain conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, and substance addiction. These conditions demonstrate unusual brainwave patterns with some specific features which can be detected and sensed by technology and define the situation. These brain waves can also be changed and individuals with these mental health conditions can learn to change or modify these unhealthful patterns. According to research scientists, Neuro-therapy has the potential to improve brain health and performance. These improvements can lead to various conditions and health applications like;

Stress relief

Anxiety and panic management

Enhanced cognitive function and focus

Improved attention and concentration

Improved motivation and energy



Brain wave ranges and frequencies are correlated with various states of arousal, consciousness and multiple types of brain conditions like brain health and brain injury. To recapitulate briefly, a higher and predominance of beta waves (around~ 13 Hz and more) signals a mental state encompassing the thinking process along with its ego reactions. One is focused on the external world in this state, whereas disassociation of the external world is linked to the opposite end of the arousal spectrum, exhibiting a predominance of sleep waves or delta (0–4 Hz). On the other hand, with a predominance of theta (4–8 Hz) waves, individual's focus corresponds to the internal world. This theta state of mind, attaches to a world of hypnogogic imagery where a large number of patients with alpha–theta range have shown an “inner healer” who corresponds their change into empowerment from out of victim consciousness. Alpha brain waves (8–13 Hz) may also be considered a method or a bridge from the internal world to the external world, and vice versa (Dr. Nancy).

In everyday existence or a regular life, the ideal state of ego balances between the external world of various objects and the inner world of self. With some types of addicts, and patients who were previously exposed to a major trauma, alpha amplitudes maybe low, building an inflexibility that keeps individual from shifting fast between outward and inward states. Patients having and showing low alpha waves amplitudes may incline to avoid those internal states where they do the work to find self awareness. As individuals increase alpha amplitudes through Neuro-therapy, such patients can benefit from the ability to shift with more appropriateness and ease (Dr. Leonard).