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Children Of Gay Guardians Can Beat All Challenges

 Jul 6, 2022
Children Of Gay Guardians


  • It is common for children adopted by gay couples to face harassments in schools. That is why many times, such children quit schools.

  • Today gay couples have children via have children through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.

  • Children of gay couples experience bullying in schools because despite laws being friendly towards gays, there are people whose mindset is old.

  • Many times children face certain problems because most of the gay couples lack experience regarding parenting.

  • Often children are accused of lacking gender-appropriate behavior.

  • HelloDr offers helpful counselling for both children as well as parents.

According to various studies, among children adopted by gay couples, only 65% of them graduate from high schools. Many children irrespective of whether they are gay or not, face harassment from anti-gay students or teachers in schools, just because they are adopted by gay couples. Girls adopted by lesbian couples have a higher rate of quitting education at early stages.

Another study says that for the social and educational development of a child, married couples offer the best environment. Second highest percentage was of straight couples. Third highest percentage was of gay couples.

Today, it is common for married or cohabiting gay and lesbian couples to have children through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.

In most of Western European countries and Scandinavian countries, today gay couples are allowed to get married and have or adopt children. However, in most of the Eastern European countries (except Spain) and Southern European countries, neither same-sex marriages are allowed, nor gay couples are allowed to have children. Even in many countries and in some American states, despite gay relationships, gay marriages, and gay parenthood being legal, many people are not very open-minded and this is the main reason children adopted by gay couples or born to gay couples via artificial insemination often experience rough environment in schools.

It is common for children to face jokes related to gay stereotyping from their peers.

Many times, teachers who are against homosexuality are hostile towards such children.

Most of the gay couples lack experience in parenting. This often cause children to be unaware of social norms and thus, appear socially awkward in schools.

Often children of gay couples are accused of lacking gender appropriate behavior. This usually happens because such children often grow up without a male parent (or role model) or a female parent (female role model).

HelloDr not only offers counselling for children to keep their spirit high and move forward in their school life with full confidence, but HelloDr also offers counselling for gay couples in order to compensate their lack of experience in parenting. Counselling to parents can show them ways to teach their children, right behavior before school so that those children will not be socially awkward when their interaction starts with people outside their families. Feel free to contact HelloDr anytime and book an appointment with a counsellor of your choice.