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Coping With Breakup Brings Out The Best In You

 May 31, 2022


  • Breakup can hurt all age-groups.
  • Moving on after breakup feels hard but it is possible.
  • Breakup can affect the mental stability of a person.
  • Breakup can leave a person devastated to the extent of believing that the world has ended.
  • Anxiety symptoms after breakup are many including sleep disorders.
  • There are many measures that one can take cope with breakup and prevent depression.
  • Different types of experts are working with HelloDr. They can help you to find the right way of coping with breakup in order to avoid anxiety and depression.

Whether adolescence or adulthood, breakup from a romantic relationship can hurt at any age and make a person prone to anxiety attacks or depression. Breakups can happen due to any personal reason or pressure from society/family. Affecting the person getting dumped more, breakups hurt him/her at an emotional level. Whatever a person feels during the moment of breakup (or few moments or days after breakup) is not always going to be there.

Breakups can bring the life to a standstill, making it appear to be the end of the world. Breakup can bring stagnancy in your life but you need to remember that nothing is constant or permanent in your life. Not even pain. The feeling of world turning upside down is natural while realizing the pain of breakup but you do not lose a fight if you fall. You lose only when you fail to get up after falling.  

According to a research, the anxiety symptoms that arise after breakup (in most cases) include intrusive thoughts, feelings of panic or pessimism about the future, trouble in sleeping, short attention span, difficulty in concentrating, physical restlessness, and racing thoughts.

There are some measures that can help a person cope with breakup to the extent to preventing anxiety and depression.

1. Taking out time for one‘s self:

It is natural to feel uneasy after breakup due to thoughts about stress and loss of love surround the mind and open gets for anxiety to creep in. One can overcome sad thoughts by doing something that he/she enjoys most. This can range from spending time with friends and family, playing favorite sports, reading favorite books, and enjoying life with a rebound partner if the person coping from breakup can find one. Seeking social support and counselling is absolutely fine so that steps to prevent depression can be taken at an early stage. This initiates the emotional healing process quickly. No matter how much you cared about your partner and vice versa but it is OK to let your family care about you once.  

HelloDr offers counselling services and helps you to chart out activities and schedules that you can use to cope with breakup stress.

2. Exploring relationship with soul:

Relationship is not only between two individuals. It can also be between a person and his/her soul. Meditating and communicating with your soul can aid mental peace and calm a person‘s mind.

Meditation experts working with HelloDr can teach you meditation to keep your mind calm as anxiety and depression can never touch a calm mind.

3. Spending time with family:

As mentioned earlier, one can cope with breakup by spending time with family. Even without discussing breakup, one can plan family fun activities and enjoyment of such activities due to togetherness can divert your mind from stress caused by breakup. Always remember that there are relationships beyond romantic relationships that need to be cherished and valued.

Depending on your interests, hobbies, age-group, and many other factors along with those of your family members, experts working with HelloDr can help you to figure out that what kind of family activity you should to with your family members to cope with breakup stress.

4. Avoid drinking:

Cinema popularized the trend of drinking alcohol to cope with breakup. However, overconsumption of alcohol causes anxiety in real life. Hence, one needs to avoid drinking too much while coping with breakup stress. However, drinking water on regular basis is advisable because it helps you to detoxify your body. Once your body is free from toxins, your mind is calm and you can focus on other thoughts and activities that would drift you away from sad thoughts of breakup.

Nutritionists working with HelloDr can help you to plan the proportion of water, fruit juices, vegetable juices, and food items in your diet that would remove toxins in your body. Also, your drinking habit is increasing and you are afraid of becoming an alcoholic to cope with stress, the psychologists can help you to boost your will-power and keep your urge to drink in control.

5. Exercising to cope with stress:

Some people cope with breakup stress by working out in gyms and push their bodies beyond their physical limitations. However, they overdo it and invite body ache, along with depressive thoughts.

Fitness trainers working with HelloDr can help you to plan right workout plan and schedule the exercises on daily basis so that you can give right amount of time to exercise and do right kind of exercise.

6. Practicing yoga:

Practicing yoga can provide every benefit of meditation, along with making your body more resilient.

Feel free to meet yoga experts on HelloDr platform to learnt he right way of doing yoga and figure out the yogic exercises that are suitable for you.

Aiming to provide you wholesome well-being at both physical as well as mental level is our objective. Coping with breakup can be hard but if we can offer a helping hand to make it easy to do so, then it is our honor.

We invite you to register with HelloDr today. So get up. Fight the depression and score a victory. We are always ready to provide right guidance but action for coping has to be your effort. In no time, you will see the in your quest to overcome the shock of breakup, you are calmer and you have better expertise over your talents. This will make you wonder that how efforts to cope with breakup made you mentally tough and a greater expert of everything that you are good at.