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Healing From The Inside Out With Lama Fera

 Jun 23, 2022


What is Lama Fera

The Buddhist monk used the Lama Fera as a healing method. You can use it to remove negative energy from your home. You can also do it at a distance. It can help increase spiritual abilities. Further, Tibetan monks use this technique to treat all kinds of illnesses. They also use it to improve their concentration and meditation skills. It can break the blockages in the energy flow system. This process is a great treatment for people with chronic illnesses, depression, stress, anxiety, and more, and it can be used to heal the body and the mind. It is very effective and safe.

Lama Fera healing technique

The Lama Fera symbols are incredibly powerful in their positive energy. They can tackle negative points at the highest level, helping you feel more confident. This process is no wonder. Do you know Life Positive offers expert healing sessions for those who want healing that lasts just five minutes? You can easily meet a Lama Fera practitioner on our HelloDr platform if you undergo an extraordinary healing session. An actual healing session includes rituals done without touching the body. This process is about vibrational medicine. The energy of the Lord Buddha is transferred to the patient by a healer.

How to Use Lama Fera to Improve Your Life?

Lama Fera is a powerful, ancient system for self-transformation. Tibetan monks have used it for centuries to help them understand their minds and the minds of others. Lama Fera is a method of self-study based on the idea that we can learn to change our minds and the minds of rest. The technique is simple, but it takes years to master. The Eight Steps of Lama Fera. Steps are:

1. Acceptance: First, you must understand your mind and what is happening.

2. Preparation: You must realize that your mind is not you. It is like a monkey that jumps from tree to tree.

3. Meditation: Once you realize this, you must be determined to get rid of the monkey. To do this, you have to meditate. Meditation is a powerful tool for change. It helps you to learn to control your mind. You have to practice this step every day. It is a tool for learning how to manage your mind.

4. Communication: When you meditate, you must follow your thoughts with the words "I" and "mine."

5. Ethics: This is the most important step. You have to repeat these words repeatedly until they become part of your mind. It is a tool for learning to control your emotions.

6. Self-Discipline: Let go of what you do want. It is a tool for learning to control your actions.

7. Responsibility: Let go of your attachment to the results of your actions.

8. Action: Become aware of the effect of your actions on others.

Benefits you can expect

This therapy frees you from stress and depression and removes fears and anxiety. It gets rid of negative energy and spirits. It helps improve concentration and memory. The treatment makes you want to keep going. Lama Fera healing therapy is best for patients at their last disease stage. Lama Fera can resolve Issues from a past life with healing. It helps to clear the problems in health, property, business, career, relationships, and other areas. Chemical processing in various body systems is encouraged. This kind of healing gives strength to the body and increases energy flow. The person who receives the Lama Fera session feels a change in their energy levels and is more alert and confident. Lama Fera uses a method of chanting. The practitioners think they are from the Buddha. Working with Divine energy is what this therapy is. It is worth a try. To enroll for a Lama Fera healing session, consult our certified Lama Fera healing practitioners at HelloDr.


Once you have completed these eight steps, you will have the power to change your life. As a result, you will make better decisions. Please visit our website to learn more about the Lama Fera technique. Select the session that best fits your needs and schedule a meeting with our Hello Dr. experts.