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Hi, Guidelines For Promotional Sessions By Experts :)

 May 23, 2022
expert sesions


  • The duration of every session should be at least one hour, where 40 minutes would be for the presentation and demonstration made by experts to enlighten participants, while 20 minutes would be for a Q&A session where experts would answer the questions asked by participants.
  • The expert needs to provide their pictures, videos, bites and t, profile, and account details.
  • The expert has to conduct their session with a plain background in the frame of their webcam. The camera should have good visibility.
  • Expert, The expert, have proper lighting at the place of the session.
  • The device that the expert is using for conducting the session should have a full battery with 100% charge and a backup battery.
  • The expert must check the microphone and camera of their device in advance.
  • Experts requiring body movement in session must have guidelines regarding device, sound, and lighting. The same goes for social media promotions, payment models, words of gratitude (if any), and copyright.
    For any exercise or dance session that requires demonstration, the expert conducting the session will have to observe the proper dress code.
    While conducting the session, the expert must position himselthemself an angle that ensures proper visibility within the camera's frame.

The microphone should properly function, and t; there should not be any unpleasant sound when the expert is speaking.

  • Experts should be available for coordination with HelloDr Team regarding the demo session at least 30 minutes before the after the event; an edited video of the session will have to be promoted by the expert on their social media platforms. sion.
  • Experts must share the list of their social media channels with HelloDr. And together with coordination, both should promote the upcoming event with the creatives, videos and c, and content made by the Hellodrforms.
  • The expert will have to conduct his/hetheiron only in English is the language.
  • Be civil with your choice of words. We are a public forum.
  • In the end, a word of gratitude about Hellodr would reallyreciated.
  • The expert will receive payment on the day after conducting the session.
  • Hellodr will own the copyrights of the entire session.