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Kicking Into Physical Fitness With Karate

 Jul 5, 2022
karate fitness


  • Learning Karate and practicing karate moves is not as easy as it looks in the movies.

  • Karate contributes a lot to physical fitness.

  • Regular practice of karate moves facilitates fat burn, blood pressure control, mobility, and enhanced strength.

  • Karate practice also improves muscle toning, Stamina, and heart performance.

  • Karate practice can also cure sleep disorders.

In action movies, scenes featuring action sequences fascinate us maximum when we watch characters using martial arts techniques from Kungfu, Judo, and Karate to fight their opponents. We often see a sensei teaching his student that after learning the martial arts that he is about to teach them, his student would never need weapons.

However, Karate is not just a replacement for weapons. It is also an exercise that contributes to your physical fitness and mental well-being. Therefore in the first part of this series, we will explore the contribution of Karate to physical fitness.

Following are the contributions that Karate makes to your health.

Fat burn:

Learning and practicing Karate makes you move your hands and feet a lot. This leads to that kind of physical exertion where extra calories and body fat burns and gets your body in good shape, making you physically fit. In one practice session, you can burn up to 500 calories. Karate practice reduces your food cravings, so you eat less, and your diet becomes regulated.

Blood pressure control:

As karate training sessions can be intense, they result in overall fitness. The repetitive body movements during practice aid not only cardiovascular health but also control high blood pressure.

Improved Muscle Toning:

Karate practice improves the amount of muscle mass in your body. It develops and strengthens almost every muscle in your body.

Improved Stamina as well as Endurance:

Being a full-body workout, karate training increases your stamina and Endurance. Karate training methods designed to get the body to develop Stamina include blocking, striking, and body-weight exercises. The practice of these moves requires lots of energy. Practicing these moves repeatedly increases Endurance in your whole body and improves your breathing capabilities.

Curing Sleep Disorders:

Karate practice helps you experience more restful and uninterrupted sleep and can also cure sleep disorders such as insomnia.


Many martial arts disciplines, including Karate, require agility and mobility. With regular karate practice, you can enhance your body's mobility by increasing your body’s ability to move faster. This also helps you to dodge the attacks as your body becomes more flexible with regular practice.

Enhanced Strength:

Of course, you cannot become strong enough to break concrete blocks or bricks with your hand or head in one day. You should not believe what you see in the movies. But regular practice of Karate boosts your physical strength and slowly gets you there.

Better cardiovascular health:

Karate practice helps you build cardiovascular Endurance and ensures your heart is healthy.


If you want your body to be faster and stronger as you plan to learn martial arts for self-defense, feel free to connect with experts on HelloDr who can start your karate training in no time. So, sign up with HelloDr to find a suitable karate trainer. In the next part of this series, we will explore the contribution of Karate to mental well-being.