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What Is Shamanic Healing, And How Does It Work? 

 Dec 8, 2022
shamanic healing

What is shamanic healing, and how does it work? 


Shamanism is an ancient form of healing that dates back tens of thousands of years. Shamanic healing is a holistic approach to medicine that considers health's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Shamanic healing aims to restore balance within the individual and between the individual and their environment. Shamanic healers work with the energy field surrounding and permeating all living things. Many names, including the aura, light body, or personal matrix, know this energy field. Shamanic healers use various techniques to access the energy field and promote healing. These techniques include soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, psychopomp work, de-possession, curse removal, and energy clearing. Shamanic healing is an effective treatment for various physical, mental, and emotional conditions. It can treat everything from chronic pain and illness to stress and anxiety. Shamanic healing is also an excellent way to facilitate personal growth and transformation. 


What are the benefits of shamanic healing? 

Shamanic healing can provide many benefits, including:  

- Relief from physical pain and illness  

- Emotional healing  

- Increased energy and vitality  

- Improved sleep  

- Increased sense of well-being  

- Greater clarity and insight  

- Enhanced creativity  

- A deeper connection to Spirit  

How does shamanic healing work?  

Shamanic healing works by accessing and balancing the energy field surrounding and permeating all living things. This energy field comprises four interrelated layers: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When one or more of these layers is out of balance, it can lead to physical, mental, or emotional disharmony. Shamanic healing seeks to restore balance within the individual and between the individual and their environment.  

Shamanic healers use various techniques to access the energy field and promote healing. These techniques include soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, psychopomp work, de-possession, curse removal, energy possession, and clearing. 

Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing technique that brings back lost parts of the soul. This can be done for people who have experienced trauma or separation from their souls. Extraction is a shamanic healing technique that removes negative energy from the auric field. Power animal retrieval is a shamanic healing technique to connect with one's power animal or totem. Psychopomp work is a shamanic healing technique that guides lost souls to the afterlife. De-possession is a shamanic healing technique that removes negative entities from the auric field. Curse removal is a shamanic healing technique that is used to remove negative energy that has been placed on an individual. Energy clearing is a shamanic healing technique that clears blockages and stagnant energy from the auric field.  

How do you find a qualified shamanic healer in your area? 

There are a few ways to find a qualified shamanic healer. One way is to ask if anyone you know has a shamanic healing session and can recommend a practitioner. Another way is to do an online search for shamanic healers in your area. Once you have found a few practitioners, you can read reviews and check out their websites to learn more about their services. When you have narrowed down your list, you can contact the practitioners to set up a consultation. During the consultation, ask the practitioner about their training, experience, and fees. Also, be sure to ask about what you can expect from a shamanic healing session.  Hellodr.com is a great resource for finding qualified shamanic healers in your area.