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Sujok therapy is defined as an alternate healing method that is simple and easy. Its rising popularity confirms that its results are effective. In this therapy, palm and foot represent all the organs/meridians in the body. Su (of Sujok) means hand and jok means palm.

In the human body, hands and feet are the locations of systems where active points correspond to all organs and part of the body. Stimulation of active points produces a curative effect.

Types of Sujok Therapy:

Seed Therapy:

Once a seed is sown, it grows into a tree in due course of time due to its life energy and proper care. Similarly, putting or rubbing a seed on the pressure points can increase life energy and weaken the factors that are causing the disease. After acupressure treatment, a person can either tie or rub seeds, pulses and legumes at the point receing acupressure treatment so that the supply of extra life force facilitates quick healing.

Usually seeds and sometimes, other parts of plants are attached directly to effected organs with sticking plaster. Sometimes, they may also be attached to those parts of palms and feet that correspond to them.

Round, spherical shaped seeds of pea and black pepper can provide relief to ailments that are related to eyes, head, and knee joints. These seeds can also provide relief for back problems.

The kidney shaped red beans can be useful for the treatment of kidney problems and disorders related to stomach.

The seeds with sharp corners can exert pathological influence on the body when applied by mechanical method.

Many times, seeds also change their structure, shape, and color. It is possible for seeds to become fragile and lose their color. Their size may enlarge or decrease. This happens when seeds take the illness from a body and transfer it into themselves.

Seeds can also be used for providing massage. To stimulate larger corresponding zones (zones of liver, lungs, and stomach) one can use horse chestnut, mango stones, peach, walnut, and cones of coniferous trees. For smaller and medium zones of correspondence (eyes, heart, nose, and urinary bladder,) it is possible to use the stones of acorn, alder cones, chestnut, dates, hazelnut, and ripe wheatear. The stones of cherry or corn seeds, cedar nut can also be useful smaller zones as well as medium zones. Other seeds that can be used for massage include bamboo’s trunk or twigs, carrot, lemon, onion bulb, potato tuber, and stalk of flax.

Smile Meditation:

In the context of Sujok therapy, the purpose of smile meditation is to strike harmony between human mind, body and soul.

Based on the comprehensive fundamental theory of Triorigin, smile meditation allows the practitioner to not only to improve his health and life quality, but also to actively influence his present and future, along with his/her family ‘s. In the long run, smile meditation practitioners can also attract positive vibes for their working team and society in general.

Smile meditation helps a person to improve his/her health and self-confidence. The person practicing smile meditation can also develop and enrich his/her abilities to the extent of succeeding both in education and work. This helps the practitioner of smile meditation to become a vibrant person that can contribute to a progressive society. Smiling releases positive vibes that help an individual to maintain cordial relations with others, spread cheer in his/her livelihood and stay motivated to achieve, accomplish, or attain the better.

Benefits of Sujok Therapy:

No need to stop other therapies – One can receive Sujok therapy while going through other therapies.

No side-effects – Sujok therapy does not produce any side effects.

No precautions needed – One does not need to take any kind of precautions while receiving Sujok therapy.

Vast coverage of ailments – Sujok therapy can provide treatment for various kinds of ailments.

Safety – Sujok therapy is natural. It cures natural forces in and around the human body, Hence, it is one of the safest therapies known to humans.

Helpful in treating mental disorders – Sujok therapy is helpful in the treatment of various kinds of mental disorders that include addiction, anxiety, depression, phobia, and more. Not only Sujok therapy enhances physical and mental health, it also restores all over balance. Pressing the key points and applying pressure in the right direction can be helpful.

A cure for many physical problems – Sujok therapy is helpful in healing certain physical problems such as asthma, blood pressure (BP), bronchitis, constipation, disc prolapse, gastric acidity, gastro oesophageal reflex disease, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, ulcer, and vertigo. Sujok therapy can also be an effective treatment for complications due to chemotherapy, menopause, excessive bleeding and many more. This therapy also increases flexibility and balance of human body.

Healing of injuries – Sujok therapy can heal different types of injuries of feet, hands, joints, neck, and more. It can also treat inflammation and other problems such as arthritic pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and gout along with different skin productions as well as reproductive problems. Sujok therapy back pain relief is every effective.

Relief for kidney stones and diabetes – Being a variation of acupressure, Sujok therapy is used for specific points on hands and feet for the treatment of ailments. It also makes use of seeds, semi-precious stones, along with pressure stimulation that aids relief from problems like diabetes and kidney stones.

Weight loss – Sujok therapy has the potential to control obesity. This therapy can increase blood circulation and reduce the extra lipids. Thus, it helps the weight management of your body.

Brings mental peace in stressful life – Today, stress affects people of all age-groups causes severe illness in the long run. Usually, people take pills for stress management and suffer from side-effects. However, stress management is possible through a simple touch on the tip of your thumb with the index finger of any hand that produces positive results. For a lasting effect, a person has to repeat this action several times to get an ultimate relief. Tai chi is also helpful in stress management (by reducing stress) and overcoming anxiety.

Helpful in deaddiction – Smile meditation can help people overcome the addiction of alcohol and tobacco.

Sujok Therapy with HelloDr:

To provide you overall peace of mind, HelloDr has roped in Sujok therapy experts in its panel. Choose a Sujok therapist and feel free to share your problems. Sujok therapy will tell you how to attract positive vibes in no time. Click here to see the list of Sujok therapists and schedule an appointment as per your ease. The list is visible only to registered users.