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Vastu Shastra is an ancient system of architecture which originated in India. The key purpose of Vastu Shastra is to design the house or place the furniture in house in such a way that it would ensure the flow of positive energy in house, ensuring mental peace and positive atmosphere for residents.

This system is primarily about planning the direction where the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom would be located. For people, who like to keep plants in house, Vastu Shastra also covers the kind of plants which symbolize positive energy and the location suitable for keeping plants.

Benefits of Vastu

Designing house and placing architecture in house yields benefits expected from Vastu Shastra only when everything has been done correctly. Activities required for benefits can be confirmed and elaborated by vastu experts. Following are the benefits that Vastu Shastra can offer:

  1. Good amount of natural light resulting from Vastu Shastra brings positive energy.

  2. Vastu Shastra ensures good ventilation.

  3. Bedrooms designed as Vastu ensure peaceful sleep and prevention of anxiety.

  4. Proper vastu shastra for home promotes internal peace and calm. It also promotes cooperative relationship among people living in that house.

If you want to buy a vastu-compliant house, then you may need to talk to a real estate agent but to get tips about identifying a vastu-compliant house, you must talk to an online vastu expert.

Evoking five elements, Vastu provides a clean and clutter-free living space generates the positive energy, enhancing the mental skills of house resident to a large extent. A clutter free and bright house contributes to positive energy that enlightens the mind of resident. Vastu promotes happiness and healthiness of the mind. A healthy mind is a more alert mind. Proper implementation of Vastu in any building can generate such a huge amount of positive energy that would keep dwellers fully energetic throughout the day.

Finding Vastu Experts on HelloDr

People lacking knowledge about vastu often break constructions in house or shift furniture aimlessly. Find real Vastu experts on HelloDr who can tell you that you can do good vastu without breaking things and by simply rearranging the household items. Click here to see the list of online Vastu experts. The list of online vastu consultants is visible only to registered users.